👉Father of geography=Eratosthenes
👉Father of  biology=Aristotal
👉Father of zoology=Aristotal
👉Father of political science=Aristotal
👉Father of climetology=Aristotal
👉Father of history=Herodotous

👉Delta term are used by=Herodotous

*बड़ी नदी =Amazon
*Longest river=NILE

👉Victoria is largest lake of Africa
Caspian see lake is the largest lake in the world
Victoria lack is only in world at which equater passes .
Geography term was used by Eratosthenes

Amount of salt found in thousand gram of water is called salinity

Air pressure belt and wind
Average salinity of ocean=35gm/1000gm

Climatic classification of world
Rain and cloud

Mountains of North India

*Karakoram range
*Trans range
*Greater or Himadri Himalaya
*Middle Himalaya/ laser/Himachal Himalaya
*Shivalik Himalaya
*Eastern Himalaya

Mountain of South India

*Western Ghat
* Eastern Ghat
*Palani Hill

👉The plateau surrounded by mountain is known as intermountain plateau.

👉Plateau of Tibet is example of intermountain Plateau.

👉Plateau of Tibet is the highest plateau in world, highest from sea level is 5200 m tr.

👉Pamir knot plateau is known as group of the world.

👉Swez Canal is the biggest river in the world.

State of seven sisters

💪Trick to learn

आना मम्मी ATM  सात बहनो वाला राज्य
 =अरुणाचल प्रदेश
A = Assam

Mountains of North India

1.Karakoram range

*Average height 6500 metre.
*1000 metre equal to -6.5 degree Celsius.

*There is no hill station in Karakoram due to height.

*Its  made by granite and gnis.

*K2 is highest peak of Karakoram and second highest peak of world.

Glacier =हिमनर

*Longest Glacier of India =Siachen Glacier.

*Karakoram Pass connects China to Pakistan.

*Jangla Mangla lankela connect India to China.

2.Trans range

*Average height equal to 6500 m.

*There is no hill station in transrange due to height.
*IT form white granite Rock and gnis rock.
*Trans range is known as Ladakh Range in Jammu and Kashmir.

*Minimum rain of India occurred in Leh due to Leh situated between two highest mountain Karakoram and trans range.

*Leh is the driest place in India..
*The place at which rain occurred below 25 cm is known as desert rain below 10 cm then complete desert rain between 10 to 25 CM then semi desert.

*Leh is the example of cold desert.

*Minimum rent in India and world orchid in muncie Ram and Cherrapunji due to funnel shaped of mountain.

*Drass is coldest part of India.

*Hottest place of India is Churu in Rajasthan.

El -Ajijia(Libia)=hottest place of world
Jacobabad (Pak)=hottest place of Asia
Churu(Rajasthan)=hottest place of India

*Cold Place of world Barkhoyanesh

3.Greater Himalaya

*Average height= 6000 m.
*There is no hill station in Greater Himalaya due to height.

*It is also made by granite and gnis rock.

*Greater Himalaya is knowledge joskar range in Jammu and Kashmir.

Mount Everest को
India  में =शेर मुख  sher mukh
Nepal में =सागरमाथा  sagar matha
Tibbat में = चोमोलुंग्मा chomolungma

👉K2 पर चढ़ने वाला पहला आदमी = lenno lachedilli.
👉Mount Everest is highest peak of Greater Himalaya and highest peak of world.

👉Mount Everest situated in North East part of  Nepal and on the boundary of Tibet and Nepal.

👉Kanchenjunga is highest peak of Greater Himalaya in India and third highest peak of world.
👉Kanchenjunga 8598 m.

👉Namcha Barwa is highest peak of seven sisters state.
👉Nanda Devi National Park was included in World Heritage site of UNESCO in 1988.

👉UNESCO full form, United Nations educational scientific cultural organisation.

Headquarter of UNESCO in Paris

The site of India recently include in World Heritage site of UNESCO 2016.

*Kanchenjunga biosphere reserve (Nepal and Sikkim).
*August Malai biosphere (Kerala).
*Nalanda University (Bihar).
*Capital Museum of Chandigarh.

Passes of Greater Himalaya

Jammu and Kashmir=Buzo(Bhauji and Jujia)
Uk=Uttarakhand mana,thangala,niti,lipulakh)
Sikkim=jena(Jelipala Nathula)
Ap=Bo(bomdila /Bumla)

4.Middle /laser /Himachal Himalaya

*All hill station of Himalaya present in middle Himalaya.
*It is made by basalt and schit rock.

*Banihal pass connects to Jawahar Tunnel.
*Chennai nursery Tunnel is longest Road tunnel in Asia and India.

Name of middle Himalaya in different state

Jammu and Kashmir=Pir Panjal range
Hp=Dhauladhar range
Uk(W)=kumayuun range
Uk(E)=Garahwal range
Nepal=Mahabharat range
Sikkim /west bengal=mishmi range
Bhutan=Nag Tibba range
Ap/assam=Dafla/Abor range

*A passage from Colombo to Almora=Swami Vivekananda.

*Chamoli (फूलो की घाटी ) total 5000 types of flower included in World Heritage site of UNESCO in 1982.

5.Shivalik mountain

*Formed by sand soil and Stone.
*Indo Brahma or Shivalik river flows through there before formation of Shivalik.

6.Eastern Himalaya

*Average height is 900 to 1200 m.
*It formed by Red sandstone and limestone.
*Sharavathi is highest peak of eastern Himalaya.
*Dafa bum is highest peak of Patkai Hills.

*Blue Mountain is highest peak of mizo  hill or Mizoram.

*Keibul lamjao National Park situated in loktak lake in Manipur which was included in World Heritage site UNESCO which is floating National Park.

*First floating Primary School of India open in loktak Lake for pH child in February 2017.

*Eastern Himalaya Makes boundary between Map India and Myanmar and India and Bangladesh.

Mountain of South India

1.Aravali mountain

👉Udaipur ,Bhopal ,Srinagar, are known as city of lake.

👉President house or Parliament House situated at Raisina Hill.

👉Guru Shikhar is highest peak of Aravali mountain.

👉Mount Abu is only hill station in Rajasthan.
👉Dilwara Jain Temple situated at Mount Abu.
👉Freshwater lake Nakki situated at Mount Abu.
👉Internal Security Academy situated at Mount Abu.
👉Aravali mountain is oldest fold mountain in world but at present it is in residual farm.

👉All types of Rock in world found in Aravali mountain.

2.Vindhyan mountain

*Parasnath is highest peak of Vindhya range.

*MP is known as diamond state.
*Karnataka is known as Tiger state.

*Vindhya Mountain Mikes boundary between North India and South India.

*All types of precious stones found in Vindhyan range.
*Vindhya Mountain is example of block mountain but at present it is in the residual form.

*Narmada Tapti aur Damodar flows through rift Valley.

*Brahmaputra river flow through Kaziranga National Park.

Padmavat book= Malik mohhamad jaisi
Akhrawat  book= Malik mohhamad jaisi
kalnawat book= Malik mohhamad jaisi
Akhri Kalam book= Malik mohhamad jaisi

3.Satpura mountain

*Dhupgarh is the highest peak of Satpura mountain.
*Bhedaghat situated near Jabalpur famous for white marble.

*Dhundhar waterfall situated in Jabalpur Narmada river.

*Hirakud Dam is longest dam of India.

4. Western Ghat

*Kerala is famous for garden of spices.
*Anamudi is the highest peak of South India and Western Ghat.

*Palghat pass connect to Coimbatore to Trivandrum.
*Coimbatore is known as Manchester of South India.

5. Eastern Ghat

👉Ormakonda is highest peak of eastern Ghat.
👉Dogra and Gond tribe live at Nilgiri Hill at Odisha.

6. Palani Hill
👉Bombadi sola is highest peak of Palani Hill.
👉Doddabetta is highest peak of Nilgiri.

👉Doddabetta is second highest peak of South India.
👉Bambardi sola is third highest peak of South India.
👉Forest of Palani Hill is known as sola.

👉Thoda Aur Kota driver live at Nilgiri Hill.


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